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Organizational Culture: The Anthropological Approach

This chapter provides an overview of anthropology and organizational culture consulting. It discusses practical issues for consultants such as how to define organizational culture, what method and theory in anthropology to use in doing consulting, and what literature is available in anthropology. It also discusses theoretical and ethical issues that this work raises for all anthropologists, such as whether organizational  culture is an appropriate use of the anthropological concept of culture and whether this work is ethical for anthropologists to perform. These are issues typical  of the new era in anthropology in which models of culture and ethical guidelines are changing. Their solutions demonstrate contributions practice can make to traditional anthropology

Categories: Outbreak response
Reference: T. Jordan, Ann. (2008). Organizational Culture: The Anthropological Approach. NAPA Bulletin. 14. 3 - 16. 10.1525/napa.1994.14.1.3.