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Lassa fever resources

Lassa fever resources website is an online repository of social science research and other information about Lassa fever and its control.  The website will be useful for anyone seeking to access research materials on Lassa fever, or who is interested in employing social science insights in Lassa fever control. 

New York Times, 1970

History, politics and background information

A key insight of social studies of medicine is that knowledge about disease is always shaped by the wider social context within which that knowledge is produced.

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in Guinea


Lassa virus is spread from rodents to humans, and between humans, but some of the exact mechanisms of transmission are unclear.

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Care and treatment

The social sciences give us insights into health seeking behaviours and the organisation of care and treatment in clinical, informal and domestic settings.

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Mobile Lab NCDC

Outbreak response

Lassa fever is endemic in parts of West Africa and cases often occur without an outbreak being declared.  When outbreaks occur, this kickstarts a range of institutional responses at regional, national and international levels.

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NCDC risk communication

Risk communication and community engagement

Historically, risk communications activities have formed part of interventions aimed at translating scientific knowledge to encourage healthy behaviours groups who are at risk.

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clincal research

Clinical research

Clinical research to improve care for patients with Lassa fever has been neglected in comparison to other scientific research on the disease.

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