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Human to human transmission 

Nosocomial outbreaks have been recorded in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Benin and Nigeria. In 2018, at least 27 health workers have been infected and 8 died. Less information is available about the human to human transmission at community level, and the drivers of super-spreading events, which is an area that would benefit from further research.

For more of existing literature and research on responding to human to human transmission, please see our outbreak response category.


Using modelling to disentangle the relative contributions of zoonotic and anthroponotic transmission: The case of Lassa fever

The authors present the results of a modelling approach, using published data from outbreak and patients to Kenema governmental Hospital in Sierra Leone. They estimate the likely contribution to human to human transmission. They shed light on the need to better assess the human to human transmission.

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Understanding the cryptic nature of Lassa fever in West Africa

In this article the authors give an overview of the current knowledge on Lassa fever (ecology, epidemiology and distribution) and the importance of future socio-ecological changes in the increase of Lassa fever burden.

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