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Epidemic preparedness and management: A guide on Lassa fever outbreak preparedness plan

Epidemic prone diseases threaten public health security. These include diseases such as cholera, meningitis, and hemorrhagic fevers, especially Lassa fever for which Nigeria reports considerable morbidity and mortality annually. Interestingly, where emergency epidemic preparedness plans are in place, timely detection of outbreaks is followed by a prompt and appropriate response. Furthermore, due to the nature of spread of Lassa fever in an outbreak setting, there is the need for health-care workers to be familiar with the emerging epidemic management framework that has worked in other settings for effective preparedness and response. This paper, therefore, discussed the principles of epidemic management using an emergency operating center model, review the epidemiology of Lassa fever in Nigeria, and provide guidance on what is expected to be done in preparing for epidemic of the disease at the health facilities, local and state government levels in line with the Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response strategy.

Categories: Outbreak response
Geography: Nigeria
Reference: Akinola Ayoola Fatiregun and Elvis Efe Isere. 2017. Epidemic preparedness and management: A guide on Lassa fever outbreak preparedness plan. Nigerian Medical Journal : Journal of the Nigeria Medical Association.